New CCD and LHD designation processes approved

A brand new tool for Salt Lakers to use in conserving certain characteristics of their neighborhoods was approved by the Salt Lake City Council Oct. 23. Character conservation districts are different from local historic districts in that the property owners determine what character defining features of the area and buildings are to be retained.  For more information on how to begin that process in your neighborhood,  read the Character Conservation Districts fact sheet.

The new Local Historic District designation process begins with 15% of residents on a street or block, or a subdivision or neighborhood, complete a petition to begin the City process. After outreach and education, homeowners in the area are mailed a ballot. More than 50% should approve the designation as a guideline for the City Council to vote on. A simple majority of the Council will be needed to pass the LHD zoning overlay. If the vote doesn’t show 50% + 1 in favor, then a super major of the Council will be required to approved the designation.

Read  Salt Lake City creates historic district process | The Salt Lake Tribune.

And even more importantly, the City has finally approved it’s Community Preservation Program. This has been in the works for years, with citizen input and tweaks by various consultants, planning staff, and council members. Read the adopted plan here.

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