Historic buildings and being green – it make sense

From the Green blog on New York Times, January 25, 2012, Historic Buildings May Be Greener Than You Think By JOANNA M. FOSTER

And from the Ecocentric blog on TIME.com LEED From Behind: Why We Should Focus on Greening Existing Buildings By Alexandra Sifferlin | January 27, 2012

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City planning newsletter highlights preservation efforts

The first quarter issue of Urbanus is out from Salt Lake City Planning, and highlights the Division’s achievements and efforts in 2011, especially diligent work in improving local historic district designation processes and criteria, as well as creating the character conservation district option.

It’s interesting to note “The Division received approximately 716 current planning applications in 2011. . .This number is a slight decrease from the 763 current planning applications received in 2010, mainly due to a drop in the number of historic preservation application requests which was 313 in 2011 down from 379 in 2010.

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New LHD ordinance heading to Planning Commission

The Historic Landmark Commission reviewed and discussed the draft ordinance for Local Historic District designation process and criteria Jan. 5, recommending it to the SLC Planning Commission with minor adjustments.  The Planning Commission will review it Wednesday, Jan. 11. The meeting begins at 5:30—but this item is last on an agenda of five items.

Read the Planning Commission Staff Report Jan11 and prepare to comment at the meeting, or send your comments before Wednesday to:
Joel Paterson   |   801.535.6141   |   joel.paterson@slcgov.com

What’s new since last year?

1. The State Legislature requested the City provide more particulars in its process for designating local historic districts than it has in the past. The City now has outlined a detailed process and criteria for designating historic districts. For example, the following can initiate the process: Mayor; majority of City Council; 40% of property owners or owner of a landmark site. We feel 40% buy-in is too high to simply initiate a process before education begins. Please make that comment to the Planning Commission.

2. Opponents of last year’s quest for an LHD in Yalecrest requested the City require a vote by ballot for/against designation for Yalecrest.  The City Council cannot legally give away their duties to the residents, so will still have the final say. But the new ordinance provides for a certified ballot to go to every property owner, who then has 30 days to respond. The results will provide a pulse on the issue for the city council to consider. We believe the level of support should be taken from those who responded, not total property owners, since we know not everyone votes in an election.  Please make this comment to the Planning Commission: Support = a simple majority of those who respond.

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Yes, preservation is sexy

Ryan Gosling is a preservationist. Who knew?  An unidentified preservationist posted this: http://preservationistryangosling.tumblr.com/  UPenn admitted to it on the National Trust for Historic Preservation Facebook page.

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HLC reviewing Local Historic District criteria and guidelines

Thursday, Dec. 15, the Historic Landmark Commission will discuss local historic districts:

At 5:30 during the work session, the Planning Staff will discuss with the Commission proposed changes to the process and criteria for designating local historic districts and Landmark Sites.

Later during the public hearing, the Commission will review the city’s petition to revise the design guidelines residential historic districts regulated by the H Historic Overlay Zone. For the staff report, click here and scroll to bottom of calendar:

If you can’t make it to the City & County Building, send your input to planning@slcgov.com or post on Open City Hall.

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SLC Developing an Additional Tool for Preserving Yalecrest

Nov. 30 the Salt Lake City Planning Commission forwarded a positive recommendation to the City Council for petition PLNPCM2011-00473 Character Conservation Districts.  The proposed ordinance would include a framework and process for creating character conservation districts. It would not actually create a district. If adopted, neighborhoods would be able to go through a process for creating a district. The ability to create character conservation districts would apply citywide. (Staff contact: Maryann Pickering at (801)535-7660 or maryann.pickering@slcgov.com). Read more: New conservation districts might find a home in Yalecrest | The Salt Lake Tribune

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Happening now: East Bench Community Master Plan Update

The master plan for our community, the East Bench Master Plan, is long overdue for an update (it hasn’t been updated since 1987). It’s finally being looked at and we can all join in the process.  Your thoughts about our future are important, so share them.

Visit eastbenchmp.com for more information and to participate in the dialogue.  Yalecrest preservation is an important part of this plan.

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